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A vapor cigarette, also known as a smokeless cigarette, electronic cigarettee-cigarette, or e-cig, is a revolutionary new system that provides an alternative to a traditional burning tobacco cigarette. Vapor cigarettes were originally invented in China but are now produced by several companies in the United States, Europe and around the world. Vapor cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and do not produce smoke. Instead, there’s a mechanism that heats up liquid with nicotine that turns into a vapor, which smokers inhale and exhale. Most vapor cigarettes are similar enough in appearance to be mistaken for regular cigarettes.


When a user draws on the end of a vapor cigarette the battery heats the liquid in the cartridge and changes it to a vapor. The vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like a traditional cigarette and a “vaper” could even blow smoke rings.


An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that converts liquid into a mist, or vapor, that the user inhales. There’s no fire, no ash and no smoky smell. E-cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon dioxide and tar.


E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes can be classified as 1)disposable and rechargeable;  2)automatic and manual; 3)mini, mid-size and APV(mods).

Disposable vapor cigarettes are often designed to look and work like a regular cigarette and are widely available at a gas station, drug store, or other convenience store. They can’t be recharged or refilled; choice of flavors is limited too. They are the best/most inexpensive way to try “vaping” out.

Rechargeable vapor cigarettes can be recharged and refilled. They are usually offered in starter kits that include the battery, charger and cartomizers. They can be customized to get the desired vaping experience. Rechargeable e-cigs are more costly than disposables but save money in a long run.

Automatics work very much like smoking a cigarette. They produce vapor when air is drawn through them by the user. This is the most familiar and so the most popular option for most new users.

Manuals have a push-button on the battery and produce vapor when this is pressed and the vapor is then taken in. Manual ecigs are popular amongst the more experienced users because they offer more control: there is more user control of things like the amount of vapor produced in each draw on the vapor cigarette. They are also considered more robust as most autos–they are totally sealed and so are less vulnerable to damage.

A mini  vapor cigarette,or KR808 model, is shaped and sized as close as possible to a real tobacco cigarette. It’s a 2-part electronic cigarette with a battery and a flavor cartridge. The minis can be automatic and manual. They’re usually the newcomer’s first choice because of their looks and automatic battery. A mini is a good way to try out the system at minimum cost.

The mid-size vapor cigarettes, or 510 model, are about the size of a cigar. They offer double the performance of any mini. Most of them are manual 3-piece devices. They may feel too large for beginners and are slightly more expensive to start out with.

Advanced personal vaporizers (aka ‘mods’) are the biggest from vapor cigarettes and are best suit experienced users that seek ultimate performance. Currently all of them are manual and most models look nothing like a traditional cigarette.


When you buy your first rechargeable vapor cigarette it usually comes in a starter kit. A standard vapor cigarette kit includes a vapor cigarette, an atomizer, a cartridge (or a cartomizer) filled with liquid nicotine and a battery charger. Vapor cigarette kit may include accessories such as a set of flavor cartridges, an extra battery, a battery adapter, a USB charger , a car charger, a case , etc. In comparison to disposable e-cigarette buying a vapor cigarette kit is a the most economical way of smoking in a long run.


Despite a roaring variety of vapor cigarette brands there are only a handful of e-cig manufacturers in the world.  While most brands sell the same mini model vapor cigarette, otherwise referred as KR808D, the quality varies wildly depending on the particular brand’s manufacturer, safety standards and quality control. The top brands have continued to perfect the manufacturing process to create batteries and cartridges with slight changes. Those best vapor cigarette brands have full-time engineers who help design and perfect the products. They work on continuously improving battery life, vapor and taste.

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