South Beach Smoke Vapor Cigarette Brand

South Beach Smoke Brand

South Beach Smoke is one the leading brands that has been around the early days of electronic cigarettes. The company was founded in Florida and has been accredited by BBB since 2011. South Beach Smoke e-liquids are made in the USA.


sbs-starter-kitA rechargeable South Beach Smoke vapor cigarette is a two part device with an automatic or manual battery. The batteries come in black and white with a crystal tip and a red color LED. The battery features the sophisticated mat coating. South Beach Smoke cartridges are all yellow color. The mouth piece has a single-hole silicone tip to prevent e-juice leakage. SBS batteries are known for being user friendly, simple and convenient to use


South Beach Smoke offer automatic or manual batteries that come in two sizes. Their standard battery that is 2.5 inches (64mm) long and produces 300-400 puffs.  Their new high capacity battery SuperMAX that is 3.25 inches (83mm) long and produces 500-600 puffs is one of the longest lasting battery in the today’s market. It also has a pretty decent charge  compared to other e-cig batteries, 2 to 4 hours, and is highly responsive.

Cartridges & Flavors

The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette flavor cartridges are built with the patented VaporFlo™ technology designed to provide a smooth, yet flavorful draw while producing maximum vapor. Flavor and vapor have been the strengths of South Beach Smoke from the outset. Smoking experience with SBS is as close to real smoking as it gets despite  the fact that vapor could be slightly inconsistent. Cartridge is said to be equivalent to approx. 1.5-2 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes (300-400 puffs.) With their 16 flavors collection The South Beach Smoke offers one of the widest selection of flavors in the market. A custom made e-liquid is also available  and offers nearly limitless options with nearly 30,000 different blend combos available.

Range of flavors: Classic Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Menthol, Double Apple Hookah, Grape Hookah, Frank’s Lemon Lime, Orange Mint, Tobacco Mint, Watermelon, Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate, Peach, Pina Colada, Peppermint.

Range of Nicotine levels: 24mg (bold), 16mg (full flavored), 12mg (mlight), 6mg (ultra light) and 0mg (zero).

Kits & Cost

South Beach Smoke e-cigarette starter kit price range is between $39.99 and $214.99 (prices before any discounts). SBS offers five kits to choose from that vary in their accessories and a number of batteries and cartridges. As many leading brands South Beach Smoke offers a portable charging case, which is somewhat expensive if bought separately. For a pack-a-day habit you would be spending around $45 each month on South Beach Smoke vapor cigarettes, which makes the brand highly competitive in today’s e-cigarette market. As other popular brands SBS offers various promotions and coupons all over the internet that cut costs of their products down significantly, so it is worth doing some shopping before you buy. Their Home Delivery Program cuts the cost down by further 20%.


SouthBeach offer 30 day money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Replacement Warranty (only applicable to active members of their Home Delivery Program.)


South Beach Smoke offer free shipping for orders over $100. They also offer the Home Delivery Program, which cuts the cost down by 20% and gets the orders sent at the doorstep on a regular monthly basis.  South Beach Smoke ship internationally.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use e-cigarette products. If you have any health conditions or if you are pregnant please check with a doctor before using any e-cigarette products containing nicotine. FTC Disclosure