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V2 Cigs Brand

V2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette brand manufactured by VMR Products LLC’s alongside with its sister brand Vapor Couture and V2 Pro™. The company was founded in 2009 in Miami Beach, Florida and has been accredited by BBB since June 6, 2011 with A- rating. V2 Cigs has recently partnered with National Tobacco Company (maker of RYO or Roll Your Own and other tobacco goods), and is one of the leading e-cigarette brands in the market. V2 Cigs is also one of the most transparent e-cigarette brands that publishes its ingredients and batch testing results online.


V2Cigs_StarterKitA rechargeable V2 Cigs vapor cigarette is a two part device that boasts sleek looks, quality and custom styles. V2 Cigs batteries come in 4 different colors: classic white with red LED, metallic blue with white LED, sleek black with blue LED, and stainless steel with blue LED. V2 cartridges color depend on the flavor. V2 have recently introduced a new sophisticated EX Series design, which features 4 fashionable battery patterns, a cartridge sleeve and a battery power indicator. Depending on size of the battery V2 e-cigarettes come in four different sizes (3.93″ (100mm), 4.3″ (110mm), 5.3″(135mm)), 5.5″(140mm)) with the smallest one closely resembling a traditional tobacco cigarette.


V2 Cigs batteries can be automatic and manual, and vary in size. A short e-cigarette battery is 2.63 inches (63mm) long at 190mAh/140mAh, charges for 2 hours and produces over 160puffs. A standard V2 battery is 3 inches (76mm) long, operates at 250mAh/190mAh, charges for 2-3 hours and produces over  200 puffs. V2 Cigs long e-cig battery is 4 inches (101mm) long, operates at 360mAh, charges for 4 hours and can produce over 300 puffs. V2 EX Series battery is 3.94 inches (100mm), operates at 280mAH and produces up to 300 puffs.

Although V2 batteries of their Standard and new EX Series line are not interchangeable other brand cartridges can be screwed to their Standard batteries, making them quite a universal product. Their Smart and Express Charger that comes with the certain kits has an advanced internal chip for twice as fast charging and overcharging prevention, which is a long-awaited improvement.

Cartridges And Flavors

V2 Cigs offer three types of cartridges: standard, EX Series and blank cartridges. All V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges are foil packed and sealed to guard against contamination and ensure product freshness through the labelled expiration date. Their standard cartridge is meant to produce between 150-200 puffs, whereas the EX Series cartridge boasts over 400 puffs. V2 made their cartridges refillable (up to 5 times for a standard cartridge and up to 20 times for EX Series), which makes them one of the most affordable brand between leading manufacturers. In addition, blank cartridges and e-liquid can be bought separately on their website or from other manufacturers.

V2 Cigs is acclaimed for richness and variety of their flavors. Currently they offer 10 unique flavors and 4 levels of nicotine including zero. As some other manufacturers V2 also offers a custom blend. Differently to other brands this option allows to choose the base of your blend – propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) Read about the difference between these two ingredients here. This feature comes useful for those who are intolerable to PG. The downside is that you have to be prepared to buy an amount of 100 cartridges in order to get a custom blend.

Range of flavors: Red, Hearty Virginia, Congress, Sahara, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Vanilla,Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry.

Range of Nicotine levels: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and 0% (zero).

V2 website is highly customer orientated – they provide all the detail about different methods of cartridge refilling. V2 also provide a nicotine level comparison table to help people that are looking to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to choose the strength.

Kits & Cost

Today V2 Cigs is one of the most universal and affordable vapor cigarette brands (thanks to their refillable cartridges). Currently V2 Cigs offer six electronic cigarette starter kits for the buyers with different budgets. V2 Cigs starter kit costs from $24.95 to $149.95. Discount codes and promotions allow getting their vapor cigarette kits at considerably lower prices. V2 Cigs also offer a disposable e-cigarette kit, although the rechargeables are the most economical way of vaping in a long run. For a pack-a-day habit you would be spending approximately $24-$62 per month using V2 rechargeable e-cigarette – depending on a cartridge type and your habits of vaping. See our e-cig brands comparison table.


The V2 offers lifetime warranty that applies to all V2 electronic components, excluding apparel, e-liquids, flavor cartridges or disposable products.


V2 customer care service is one of a high standard and they ship worldwide. V2 Cigs offer a flat shipping rate on all orders placed in the US, UK, Europe (EEA), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and South America. V2Cigs also offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount depending on the destination. You can check their current shipping rates on their website.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use e-cigarette products. If you have any health conditions or if you are pregnant please check with a doctor before using any e-cigarette products containing nicotine. FTC Disclosure