White Cloud Vapor Cigarette Brand

White Cloud Brand

White Cloud is a Florida-based electronic cigarette company launched in 2008. White Cloud is a BBB Accredited Business since May 22, 2012 with an A rating. Many of the company’s resources are dedicated to research and development. White Cloud engineers work on advancing e-cig technology based on the customers’ feedback. They take the quality control of their cartridges highly seriously: each cartridge goes through a painstaking 9-step manufacturing process, and must pass three separate quality checks. For its superior product quality White Cloud deserves the top spot between leading vapor cigarette manufacturers.



A rechargeable White Cloud vapor cigarette is a two part quality device with an automatic battery. White Cloud boasts a high quality products of sleek design. The batteries are available in three colors: white, brushed metal and black. The battery tip comes in four different styles: gray with a natural orange glow, crystal with a white glow, unique chrome or blackout with no glow at all for a more discreet look. The design is not only stylish it also ensures no e-liquid or vapor leakage for the better customer’s safety.


Automatic White Cloud batteries come in three sizes. They offer one of the smallest battery in the market which is 2.25″ (57 mm) long and produces approx 200 puffs. Being just a tad smaller than the Blu Cigs battery it is capable of providing double amount of puffs in comparison. That is a good enough indication of incomparable battery power. White Cloud’s biggest battery is 3″ (74 mm) long and provides 600 puffs, which makes it one of the most powerful batteries in the market. Taking into account the battery hold the charging time is relatively short– between 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the battery size.

Cartridges And Flavors

White Smoke offer two types of pre-filled cartridges: ClearDraw cartridges and Invisi-Vapor cartridges. Invisi-Vapor cartridges have ultra-fast vapor dissipation and produce 95% less vapor than White Cloud regular cartridges. The e-liquid contains nicotine, flavoring and a mixture of propylene glycol-glycerin. White Cloud cartridges are called smooth draw and do not provide the strongest hit in the market. The company claims their cartridges last up to 400 puffs, which is equivalent to approx. 1.5 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. White Cloud offer the widest selection of flavors in the market–19 flavors in total: four tobacco flavors, four mentol flavors, five fruit flavors and six exotic flavors.

Range of flavors: Tobacco Regular, Tobacco Apache, Tobacco Bora Bora, Tobacco Atlantic Cut, Menthol, Menthol Ice Berry, Menthol Snap, Menthol Zero K, Fruit Strawberry, Fruit Bad Apple, Fruit Peach Pit, Fruit The Lime and The Coconut, Fruit Banana, Exotic Chocolate, Exotic Vanilla, Exotic Espresso, Exotic Kick, Exotic Cin, Exotic Clove.

Range of nicotine levels: Double Extra (54mg), Extra (36mg), Full (24mg), Light (16mg), Ultra Light (8mg), Nicotine-free (0mg).

Kits & Cost

White Cloud implemented a huge permanent price drop in February 2013 In order to make its premium e-cigs available to more smokers. White Cloud vapor cigarette starter kits come at affordable prices between $39.95 and $89.95. There are 5 kits to choose from. The main difference is in the accessories and a number of batteries and cartridges included. As many other brands White cloud offers a range of chargers and adapters, including an option for the European market. White Cloud’s USB Smart Charger allows to charge three batteries simultaneously from a single USB port. The drawback is that White Cloud do not have a portable charging case that many other leading brands do. On a bright side their batteries tend to last longer than average. Another advantage is that all White Cloud e-cigarette batteries are compatible with all their cartridges and accessories. For a pack-a-day habit one would be spending around $45 each month on White Cloud vapor cigarettes. All-in-all, White Cloud brand offers quality e-cigarette products at reasonable prices.


White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offer a 2-year warranty for all electronic parts of their devices.


Domestic 2nd day standard shipping costs $9.99. White Cloud ship internationally with UPS carrier. They also ship to APO or FPO military addresses.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use e-cigarette products. If you have any health conditions or if you are pregnant please check with a doctor before using any e-cigarette products containing nicotine. FTC Disclosure