The Best Vapor Cigarette Starter Kit

The fastest, most convenient and a cheapest way of transition from a traditional tobacco cigarette to “vaping” is a disposable e-cigarette. Nearly all of well established e-cigarette brands, except for South Beach Smoke, offer their disposable options. It’s a perfect possibility of trying out the flavors and getting a feel of their style and quality. A vapor starter kit, however, is a more sophisticated and economical solution in a long run. The starter kits include a rechargeable vapor cigarette with an automatic and/or a manual battery.


The best beginner’s choice must be an automatic 2-piece vapor cigarette. Firstly, having an atomizer and a cartridge combined in one element makes the use and maintenance much easier, and cheaper. Secondly, an automatic e-cigarette works very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette that makes the transition very straightforward. An automatic e-cigarette produces vapor when air is drawn through it by the user. A manual vapor cigarette has a push-button and produces vapor when the user presses on it. Manuals offer more control but also require some getting used to.

Most of beginners start with an automatic device and then transition to a manual one or a personal vaporizer. An automatic 2-piece e-cigarette is typically smaller in size than a manual one, closely resembling its tobacco counterpart, which is also a desirable quality by most of newcomers. Not accidentally, most vapor cigarette brands only offer an automatic option with their starter kits. But there are also those, like Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke, that offer both automatic and manual batteries with their starter kits.

Battery life and a cartridge capacity are yet another factors to consider when deciding on your first vaper cigarette kit. Although manufacturers push hard on improving their batteries, the time between recharges still leaves a lot to be desired. Generally, the larger the battery the longer it holds. Those, who are looking for a traditional cigarette appearance will have to compromise on the battery life inevitably. Currently Blu Cigs offer the smallest e-cigarette on the market. However, the battery only lasts for 80-100 puffs, when a larger battery can hold for 300 puffs on average. Those figures that are declared by manufacturers are, obviously, only indicative. The actual number of puffs would highly depend on your habits and style of smoking.

Generally, a heavier smoker should be looking for a starter kit with a larger automatic, or even a manual, battery. Note, that manual batteries typically are more powerful and have a better hold than automatics. To compensate a typically short battery life most, but not all, manufacturers offer a portable charging case that charges your batteries on the go. Some of the brands, such as Blu Cigs, have it included in their starter kits. According to product specification by South Beach Smoke they currently offer the battery that lasts significantly longer (600 puffs) than others.

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Other things to look at when choosing a vapor cigarette brand are cost of replacement elements and shipping, available accessories and warranty. Most of the leading brands offer a few starter kits to choose from. Prices start at around $30 and depend on a number of included batteries, cartridges and accessories.

A standard vapor cigarette starter kit includes a battery, cartridges and a charger. Some kits have an extra battery and/or a cartridges pack, a carrying case or a charging case included. Most brands, but not all, include a USB charger/adapter or a USB battery in their standard kit. Starter kits by some brands offer are more customizable than others. Currently the Blu Cigs coffer the best value-for-money starter kit of all, since they include a portable charging case, which is quite pricey to purchase separately. V2 Cigs, on the other hand, offer the most customizable kit, where you can choose from a wide range of colors available.

A warranty that e-cig manufacturers offer range from 1 year to a lifetime. Familiarize yourselves, though, with the small print before ordering as some of the life warranties cover only up to five replacements. Since the e-cigarette market is on the growing curve the competition is fierce and most brands offer various deals and coupons that make their kits more affordable. Some brands like Blu Cigs offer free shipping within the USA, whereas others like South Beach Smoke cut their prices through their home delivery program, making sure their customers stay with them.

Regarding the long term cost of vaping the price of cartridges and their compatibly is likely to be the most important factor. Replacement cartridges can be pricey , especially when there is no a refilling option. In addition, some of the brands offer different batteries that are not interchangeable, which makes the transition to a more powerful kit costlier. V2 Cigs is the brand that does the best job on making their products universal, interchangeable an reusable. Not only they offer their blank cartridges and their own e-juice for refilling, they also made their electronic parts interchangeable with other brands.

To sum it all up, all the most popular and leading brands on the market have their good points and their “quirks”. However, a vapor cigarette is still a novelty product, the competition is fierce, and the companies are pushing hard on improving their products day by day. Green Smoke, V2, South Beach Smoke, Blu Cigs, and others that are reviewed on this website, are all well established and popular e-cigarette brands that offer quality products. You should not go wrong choosing any one of them. However, there can not be the best vapor cigarette kit for all–your habits and style of smoking, preferences for taste and design are all unique and should be considered when choosing one.

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You must be 18 years of age or older to use e-cigarette products. If you have any health conditions or if you are pregnant please check with a doctor before using any e-cigarette products containing nicotine. FTC Disclosure