Vapor Cigarette Battery Types

Vapor cigarette battery types are the major factor to consider when choosing your first vapor cigarette kit. Vapor cigarette batteries come in different sizes and capacities. They can be manual or automatic, low (LR/LV) or high (HR/LV) or very high resistance (VHR/VHV), protected or unprotected. Furthermore, a fairly recent addition to the family is a USB pass-through battery (PT).


vapor cigarette batter types

A vapor cigarette battery can be manual or automatic. The manual battery has an on/off switch for operation. Vapor cigarettes with the manual batteries produce vapor when their push-button is pressed. This type of vapor cigarettes is more popular between the experienced smokers. The reason being, it takes some time to master the manual vapor cigarettes but they offer more control, for instance, over the amount of vapor produced with each draw.

The auto version of a vapor cigarette battery has a pressure or a microphone-operated switch (older models). The cigarette produces vapor when air is drawn through it by the smoker, or so called vaper. In this way the automatic battery provides a similar experience to what a tobacco smoker is used to, and makes an easier transition from a conventional tobacco cigarette to a vapor one. For this reason alone it is a more suitable option for a newcomer than a manual one, which needs some getting used to.

The manual vapor cigarette batteries are considered to be more robust and durable since they are sealed (however, in rear instances, they are vulnerable to explosion). The automatic batteries are not sealed as the air needs to pass through, which makes them vulnerable to damage from liquid leakage. A great thing is that manual and automatic vapor cigarette batteries can be used interchangeably with certain models–it only takes unscrewing one and replacing it with the other.


Vapor cigarette batteries, known as high voltage or resistance (HR/HV), are generally more powerful and deliver higher heat and greater volume of vapor. They’re also known to create a more intense flavor. The only thing is that it needs to be used with a high resistance vaporizer or it will reduce its life significantly. Additionally, it will result in using more vapor juice than its less powerful counterpart.

The low resistance or voltage battery (LR/LV) is capable of delivering the intense flavor and mist but it is smaller. As expected, the low resistance vapor cigarette battery delivers less powerful draw and uses up less vapor juice. It is only recommended to be used with a low resistance atomizer, or else it can affect the flavor.


A protected battery has a small circuit board built right into it for the purposes of protecting it from a variety of issues. The protected battery delivers less powerful draws but eliminates overheating problem, which can damage the atomizer and, in rear instances, cause the explosion. Additionally the circuit board in the protected battery prevents overcharging that shortens the battery life dramatically.

Without built in circuit board protection, the vapor cigarette battery delivers raw power at whatever voltage it was designed for. The advantage here is that it allows for greater modification of the entire vapor cigarette device. Unprotected batteries can be combined and stacked, used to create more heat and mist, and even provide a more powerful nicotine hit.


USB pass-through batteryUSB pass-through battery (PT) is a fairly recent innovation. Usually a vapor cigarette kit comes with a mains charger and, in some instances, with an additional USB charger. USB rechargeable vapor cigarette comes with a PT battery that has built in USB port. This is also powered by your desktop or laptop computer via a USB port .

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